What is up with CSG Unioning CylinderMeshes?

It seems every time I try to union cylinder meshes under or equal to the scale of 1 I get the unsolvable -3 error no matter what position the parts are at. I get no different errors other than -3. :angry: If you scale the cylinder meshes over 1 you instantly can union them. I don’t get what is going on and why. I’ve been getting this issue many times and I know it has nothing to do with my builds and their complexity while unioning.

Repro parts:

Yeah – I experience the same issues. Hopefully geometros or whatever it’s called will help with that. It does the same thing when rotated parts’ edges touch each other exactly.

The strange thing is that if you completely seperate them where no parts are contacting it, you still get the same error.

Seriously, this is getting out of hand. 1/10 am I able to just actually union a small cylinder to a part and I keep getting the same error. Before this recent update, I could just fine. Also, I have been seeing some odd behavior with some negated parts. Examples:

This part is a sphere at a vector size of (0.2, 0.6, 0.328) like I said above, this happens when the part is smaller.

I’m unable to union any of the parts stated above.

We’ll take a look. Thanks for the example.