What is wrong with these scripts?

I am trying to create an overhead tag for players in a group, and it is not working.

local groupId = 3033912

local GuiClone = script.BillboardGUi:Clone()
GuiClone.Parent = Character.Head

	local InformationLabel = GuiClone.InformationLabel
	local PlayerRank = Player:GetRoleInGroup(GroupId)
	InformationLabel.Text = Player.Name .. "-" .. PlayerRank


It runs an error saying there is something wrong with line 3 but I do not know what is wrong.

Edit: This is the error it is giving me ServerScriptService.Script:3: attempt to call a RBXScriptSignal value

On line 3 you forgot to use :Connect

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So I just added it and now its running this error BillboardGui is not a valid member of Script "ServerScriptService.Script

Do you have a BillboardGui inside your script called BillboardGui?

yea it’s right here local GuiClone = script.BillboardGui:Clone()

Can you show a screenshot of the script with the BillboardGui inside in the explorer?

Can you send in here only the 3rd line of code (the one that errors)?

We already solved that issue, now he has another issue

@Volieb solved that problem but now I fixed it and its showing me this error BillboardGui is not a valid member of Script "ServerScriptService.Script

Can you confirm that there is a BillboardGui inside of the script

Ah, I see your issue. The BillboardGui is inside of ServerScriptService. It needs to be inside the script itself. Drag it into the script and then try the script again.

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I am getting a new error now that says this InformationLabel is not a valid member of BillboardGui "steveisoff.Head.BillboardGui

Looks like we are slowly fixing all the issues :slight_smile: So that means we are making progress.

You need to rename the textlabel inside of the BillboardGui to InformationLabel

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Also, make sure to mark this topic as solved so that others know you found a solution.

So I fixed that and it gave me this error Argument 1 missing or nil I am assuming it may be because of I put the group ID before the rest of the code

It is because you used a capital G in groupId, but used a lowercase when you started the code. Make sure they both are exactly the same.

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Thank you now everything works perfectly fine with no errors

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Great! I’m glad that I was able to help. Like I said before, make sure to mark this topic as solved. Have a great day!

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