What is wrong with this script

I Was working on a game or helping somebody. I had this error happening. And I don’t know what is the problem, so can you help me?

-- Define the range of the random number
local min = 1
local max = 100

-- Generate a random number
local randomNumber = math.random(min, max)

-- Print the random number to the output
print("Random number generated: " .. randomNumber)

-- Check if the random number is even
if randomNumber % 2 == 0 then
    print("The random number is even.")
    print("The random number is odd.")

Thank you who answered.

Your code seems to work. What is the error?

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It works, it doesn’t work with me.

Huh? I’m confused. What exactly is the issue?

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The code also works with my end. What is the error?

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whats going on for some reason it Doesn’t work

Don’t worry guys I fixed the problem but still thank you all for helping me