What is wrong with this sponsored ad?

I have uh… This sponsorship here:

Im no advertising expert, but something tells me that CTR has some kind of problem. Am i doing something wrong here? Is this icon somehow unatractive?


The biggest issue with your icon is the legibility of the text. It’s very hard to see “AlderSpark.”

Secondly, it’s somewhat difficult to tell what the game is about. It looks to be something like Tron - but there’s not enough contrast between the player, their guns, and the other neon parts.

I would recommend experimenting with trying to make more contrast. The black of the guns fades into the background, and the neon of the guns fades into the player.

It seems like your game’s color scheme is purple, yellow, and red - but using complementary colors for contrast may help.


It may even be worth removing the neon laser beams that are probably gunfire. A character in a distinct action pose may be more powerful without the distraction of the neon beams.


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4 problems here

budget: your budget is pretty low so that has a affect to things

ctr: if your ctr has less then 1% then its bad and your ctr is less then 1% probly cuz your budget

start and end date: you started on a sunday which is not as good as if you started on a Saturday

game: your game might just not be good or no one wants to try it out and your cover isn’t attractive try to make it more vibrant and stand out also I can barely see the text

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Those character models are not supposed to be yellow, i wonder what happened

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You misunderstand, I changed the color to show how differently it constrasts/stands out.

Could be with the ad, but also because you don’t have a big reach, (as in the ad has only reached a couple thousand people), or I guess sample size would be a better word.

Think of it like this, if you’re clicking a button that has a 0.1% (1 in 1000) chance of making a green light flash, (when a person plays your game), it doesn’t exactly mean that every 1000 times it will flash, it could happen the first time after 5000, but after a while it will average out to 1 in 1000.

In short, even if your ad is good, you won’t know the exact numbers until enough people have seen it.

Perhaps i could still leave gunfire in the background with the character out front

Ive also read somewhere that players on PC typically dont click sponsored games very often in comparison to other platforms, but they do tend to click on banners more. I think i might make a banner.

I’ve found that sponsors are a waste of money. Every time I’ve sponsored a game, no matter the spent Robux, it’ll get up to 10 clicks, and maybe a play.

Ads are much better, where spending 5k on an ad can bring in even 40 players while the ad is running on a game if its a good ad.

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That is one steep curve thirtycharlimit

It really is

over a million impressions, and 21 plays

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It’s the click-through-rate, not an exact amount. It’s a percentage calculated by taking the amount of clicks, dividing it by the number of impressions, and multiplying by a hundred. If your ad gets a grand total of 10 impressions and all of the 10 people click on it, you have a CTR of 100%, yet you only spent a few robux (10 impressions can’t be that expensive).
Kdude_YT’s example

No, a low CTR doesn’t happen because of your budget.

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exactly you just proved my point the more higher your budget is the more people see it which increases your impressions which makes your ctr go up

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I’m sorry if this comes off as rude, but that’s not how basic math works. Yes, making your budget higher increases your impressions. But the CTR is a percentage based on how many of those who have seen the ad actually clicked it. And note what I said above. Let’s say you only spend a small amount on your ad. It gets 100 impressions. 10 people click the ad. That gives you a CTR of 10%. Now let’s say you increase your budget. The impressions increase to 1000 and 100 people click the ad. How high is the CTR now? Still 10%. Beacuse in both cases, a tenth of the people who saw the ad clicked it. That’s how percentage works. Increasing your budget doesn’t make a difference in the CTR. To increase it, improve your ad or choose a different strategy.

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impressions allows more people to see your ad I know it does not mean actually clicking the ad, but the more people/impressions you get based off your budget you most likely get a higher click rate since more people seen it

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You still don’t understand. Please read the whole thing before making assumptions. The click rate is determined by dividing the amount of clicks by the amount of impressions. It does not, and I repeat it DOES NOT depend on your budget. If we put things like time, weekends, holidays, and other things which normally affect your ads aside, your CTR would remain the same/similar no matter how high your budget is. 1 million impressions and 100K clicks? 10% CTR. 100K impressions and 10K clicks? 10% CTR. 10K impressions and 1K clicks? 10% CTR.

It does not change. Remember the equation clicks÷impressions×100 = CTR. Try doing a few calculations yourself.

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