What items do I need to upload?

Ok so I had my scripter once tell me something along the lines of “you need to upload this animation you made so players can see it.” I’ve been thinking of that comment ever since.

Currently in my game, I have around 20 meshes I made in Blender, some images I uploaded from my computer, and obviously animations.

For people to be able to see these, will I have to upload all of them? Every time I have to upload something to roblox, I get scared of the moderation since I can be banned from this. Don’t want to risk any false action that I’m not able to appeal against.


If they’re already in Studio, they’ve already been moderated. If you need to upload more things, either through the Properties menu or the Game Explorer, they will be moderated as well.

I wouldn’t worry too much about false moderation. It’s never happened to me and I’ve been developing for about 5 or 6 years now. The only moderation I’ve ever received were completely justified because I had (barely visible) links in some images I was trying to upload.

Just watch out for hidden links in images. You might not catch them because they could be very small or blend into images, but they’re there sometimes. If you made or personally outsourced the images you should know about any links on them.


I hate to use alt accounts and such, but I think it’s really the only way to prevent your main account from getting falsely moderated. I have no idea if this is allowed so I’m going to need the experts.

cc @colbert2677

You are not at risk of false moderation. The chances of it happening are super rare, and most likely your mesh / animation will just get denied instead of getting you banned.
At most, if the content your trying to upload is deemed inappropriate, you’ll get a warning on your account. Again, not very high chance to happen.

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