What kind of buttons are these?

I’ve been seeing games use these buttons, where they are attached to a workspace model. Are these buttons pre-created by roblox? Anyway I can use these buttons myself or do I have to code it out from scratch myself?


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Their actually these things cald Proximity Prompts, they have to be coded if you want functionality.


and e.g to get functionality from one can be something like this!

workspace.Part.ProximityPrompt.Triggered:Connect(function(player) -- if the proximity prompt got triggered by a player then...
    print("The user interacted with me!") -- We print that someone interacted with it

Proximity Prompt. A default Roblox Studio asset.

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it’s basically called Proximity prompt
it works like Click detector but you can press any key that developers set it
includes with delaying or as i called “Holding”

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