What kind of Datastorage should I use?

I am curious on what kind of Datastorage I should use for a game I am working on.

I’ve heard some users use a Website for their Datastorage, how could I do that? (if possible)
But, some users use the normal Datastorage but I feel as if it can be a bit annoying with some things.

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Roblox data stores are free and easier to use and officially backed under Roblox, so you should prioritize using that over your own external services.

External services:

  • Cost money
  • Rely on you personally to work, not Roblox

If data stores go down, that’s Roblox’s fault and they know how to fix them. If your external service goes down, it’s up to you to fix it, and you probably aren’t capable of solving the issues that come up, especially if your game gets popular and it gets a lot of traffic.

That being said, those who know how to wield external hosts get the power of complete control over their data, the ability to easily analyze and graph their data, etc. If you know what you’re doing, external hosts are the better option for games that need it.

Generally though, just use Roblox data stores.


I believe most of the games or almost all used DataStoreService to save things up, of course there’s always a possiblity that there’ll be a data loss even if you use other methods to save them.