What kind of games make revenue quickly and don't need that much work put in?

I’m looking to get a bit of robux back from a potential game I can make something like that, I hear simulators are good?


Yep, sims are currently great cashgrabs, and so is story games, obby, and/or tycoons. Those were the classical cashgrabs games

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hmm alright I didnt want to use the word cash grab to sound disrepectful or like something, so which one should I make?

Easiest one would be a obby. the dev products & gamepasses from them sell fast.


Hmm, any type of obby and who usually buys them?

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Because I usually see new players without robux playing them so I always wondered how they even got revenue

Highly suggesting obbies or story game, since right now people were playing those.

How much revenue do you think I can get back from an obby?

Depends. If its quite popular 10K would be very easy

Hm, would gamepasses or devproducts would you recommend?

Usually obby sells gears to help getting up like gravity coils, grapple guns, etc. Basically “Cheating” tools

Hm, when do you think I can start earning the revenue after publishing the obby I have a bit of robux to advertise it

Usually people just spam advertisement to make sure people play the game, add some “early” perks to keep em hooked up, and then you can put the gear UI beside their screen so that easy access to buy the gears

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something i wouldn’t recommend but makes a lot of robux is making a pokemon game. it’s been having a high demand since the demise of pokemon brick bronze but can get DMCA takedowned. you could also make a simulator, but they might be oversaturated since everyone is making them instead of actual games.

there is no “get rich really quick without having to do anything” method. if you really want to become rich i suggest moving to trading limited items.

It’s really sad how roblox’s platform has been tainted with awful games just to make revenue, and yeah you might call me a hypocrite for asking how to make a game that gives you revenue quick but like idk man but thank you for all the info

yeah i dont have premium and like scripting is my specialty so yeah, but thanks on the info!

Im not 18 so I cant really dev ex but thanks for the feedback

devex requires you to be 13, not 18


you are already available to devex when you’re 13
you just need premium and a credit card

Believe it or not, a lot of crappy tycoon games made a HELL LOT of revenues, mostly because it was played by small children that was bestowed robux, but doesn’t have the wisdom to use it properly