What Libraries or Tools are used for scripting?


I know there is already a thread about this topic but it is almost two years old and I would like to know what people are currently using for their scripting. So, I have two questions:

  1. What libraries / modules (like Datastore 2) are developers using and why?

  2. What external (outside Roblox studio) and internal (plugins) tools are used to help development?

I have just started developing seriously, so I am curious to know what people are using to ease their own scripting

Thanks :grinning:

  1. You can find tons of libraries and modules customly made by users here in the resources section.
  2. A lot of people may instead of using ROBLOX studio to program use things such as notepad++ or sublime text. They also may use 3d modeling software to render or model like c4d or blender.
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  1. A lot of people use modules such as Datastore 2 because it helps them during development if they are not knowledgeable enough in lua to understand how to make a module like that or they want to save time by using someone else’s scripts/modules instead of making their own.

  2. Some people use Visual Studio Code, Notepad++ (as vf9r said) to help with scripting. For building/modeling some people use blender, and surprisingly I have seen someone use FreeCad.

All the links I have posted above go directly to their homepage they don’t automatically download the file and so you can get more information from above. There are way more sources than these and I would even recommend you to go and find your own that your comfortable with using, there’s nothing wrong with going out and choosing your own just because you like it better than another program.

How do you use Visual studio code on Roblox Studio?

So, some people use a plugin called “Rojo” (im assuming you’ve heard of this) and they can code their game from Visual Studio and it will sync to studio. I don’t remember the exact post on this so im sorry but I’m sure its hidden in the depths of the devforum. But another way people use this is by installing an extension onto VSC and using syntax lighting which some people apparently would rather use.

This plugin is super helpful if you aren’t using VS code

As mentioned previously, the resources category is an excellent place to find libraries and even plugins/add-ons to assist with Roblox development.

It may be hard to find these resources, so I will put them right here. The Roblox OS server has provided a nice glossary with open sourced tools that you can use for your projects. You can check these out:

NevermoreEngine: https://github.com/Quenty/NevermoreEngine
ModuleScript loader with reusable and easy unified server-client modules for faster game development on Roblox

Rojo: https://rojo.space/ Rojo is a tool designed to enable Roblox developers to use professional-grade software engineering tools.
Source: https://github.com/rojo-rbx/rojo

Roact: https://github.com/Roblox/roact A view management library for Roblox Lua like React

Rodux: https://github.com/Roblox/rodux A state management library for Roblox Lua inspired by Redux

RoactRodux: https://github.com/Roblox/roact-rodux A bridge between Roact and Rodux

TestEZ: https://github.com/Roblox/testez BDD-style test and assertion library for Roblox Lua

lemur:https://github.com/LPGhatguy/lemur A minimal implementation of the Roblox API in Lua, suitable for running unit tests

Tag Editor: Tag Editor Plugin A plugin for editing and visualizing CollectionService tags.
Download link:https://www.roblox.com/library/948084095/Tag-Editor
Source code: https://github.com/tiffany352/Roblox-Tag-Editor/

RbxLuaApp_Sublime_Autocomplete: https://github.com/DinghaoGit/RbxLuaApp_Sublime_Autocomplete
SublimeText autocomplete for Roblox. Pulls from Anaminus’s API dump.

Be ware that the language definition is a bit funky at this point.

Anaminus’s API dump : https://robloxapi.github.io/ref/ Roblox API dump with fast searching and easy lookup. Very good.

PropTypes : https://github.com/AmaranthineCodices/rbx-prop-types A type checker, originally written for type-checking Roact properties.

Igloo : https://github.com/LPGhatguy/igloo/ A lightweight library for working with immutable data.

luacheck-roblox : https://github.com/Quenty/luacheck-roblox An .luacheckrc implementation for Roblox

selene: https://kampfkarren.github.io/selene/ A modern Lua linter that designed specifically with Roblox development in mind

Touch screen joysticks : A library for easily creating custom touch screen joysticks for mobile games, works with roblox-ts
Source code: https://github.com/Bytebit-Org/roblox-TouchScreenJoysticks
Docs: https://github.com/Bytebit-Org/roblox-TouchScreenJoysticks/blob/master/DOCUMENTATION.md
NPM package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@rbxts/touch-screen-joysticks

fitumi : A unit testing utility for faking dependencies in Lua, works with roblox-ts
Source code: https://github.com/Bytebit-Org/fitumi
Docs: https://github.com/Bytebit-Org/fitumi/blob/master/DOCUMENTATION.md
NPM package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@rbxts/fitumi

VSCode Roblox API Explorer https://github.com/evaera/vscode-roblox-api-explorer A Roblox API explorer built right into VSCode.

spr: https://github.com/Fraktality/spr A small spring-based motion library for Roblox UI.
rbx-ts bindings: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@rbxts/spr

luagraph https://github.com/intunderflow/luagraph A library for representing, manipulating and serializing graph data structures

RoactMaterial2: https://github.com/howmanysmall/RoactMaterial2 A material UI library for Roact, originally made by AmaranthineCodices.

Hoarcekat: https://github.com/Kampfkarren/hoarcekat
A Storybook-like plugin that makes it easy to preview individual UI elements. Especially useful with Roact.

Fabric: https://github.com/evaera/Fabric Fabric provides infrastructure for representing the state of things in your game.

Promise: https://github.com/evaera/roblox-lua-promise An implementation of promises in Luau, with features inspired by bluebird.

Cmdr: https://github.com/evaera/Cmdr A fully extensible and type safe command console for Roblox developers.

BitBuffer: https://github.com/Dekkonot/bitbuffer An efficient way of compressing data, which also works for DataStoreService.

Flipper: https://github.com/Reselim/Flipper An animation library for Roblox based around Motors and Goals. Also features spring-based damping.

evaluate: https://github.com/Nezuo/evaluate A mathematical evaluator for Lua/u.

Roblox-TS: https://roblox-ts.com/ A TypeScript compiler for Luau.

ProfileService: https://github.com/MadStudioRoblox/ProfileService/ A universal session-locked DataStore API.

ReplicaService: https://github.com/MadStudioRoblox/ReplicaService A Roblox state replication system.

There are a plethora of tools to use at your disposal, hopefully you can figure out which tools you need to assist you on your development process.


You are in luck, here is a website of some of the best plugins for studio for a variety of things. Some of the plugins will save you hours of work.

This is exactly the list I was looking for.
Could you send the website of Roblox OSS or is this the complete list?

I don’t want to advertise the server here, but under the Nevermore link, there’s a Discord link that can redirect you to the OSS server.