What makes a good combo system

for those of you who have made a anime styled fighting game or any type of hand too hand combat with combos, could any of you guys give me tips on how too make a good combo system? please and thank you.

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not sure what you mean by combo, like a series of moves or m1s?

if you are tryna to get a combo why not just create a variable that shows that you started a combo and what point you are in it

local InCombo = false
local ComboStep = 0 

mousedown -- just whatever trigger you have
      if InCombo then
            -- continue combo and do whatever step your at
      else -- start combo

(also this is my first time doing that format so sorry if its bad)

hey thanks alot i will try this!

local Combo, MaxCombo = 0, 3 -- Max Combo

function combo()
	if Cooldown == true then return end
	Combo += 1
	if Combo >= MaxCombo + 1 then Combo = 1 return end
	Cooldown = true
	local ComboAnimation = Character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Animations["Attack" .. Combo])
		-- Code
	Cooldown = false