What open sourced datastore module is the best for my game

ok so I’m currently making a game and I want to save data using a datastore module

I just don’t know which one would be the best for it

if you want more info I have more then one folder under the player due to organization

I have seen modules like ProfileService and Datastore2 but idk which is better or if there are better ones then that, thanks for helping, doryu

Datastore2 is considered inferior now. I use ProfileService and can easily recommend it. it’s so easy to use and it just works. It also has a lot of good built in stuff like session locking, and is fully supported and updated regularly (unlike ds2)


yea I was hearing stuff about duplicating pets in some games, is that one thing ds2 didn’t have fixed?

I don’t think ds2 has session locking. ds2’s main claim to fame is it’s backup system which at the time was good because Roblox datastores weren’t always reliable, but now it’s considered unnecessary and a native backup system is coming in datastore 1.1 update (default datastore).

Probably the biggest thing is that it’s just not supported anymore, ProfileService along with the features it has, has full support and gets frequent updates.

oh so the problem was session locking, yea I’ll probably use ProfileService. I’ve heard many great things about it

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