What plugins do you recommend for stopping exploits?

Hey there, I have been working on my game for awhile now, and, while I do not recall someone exploiting my games, I have seen it happen to other people and know it is a huge problem. So what do you think are good plugins to use to help prevent(not fully as that is impossible) exploitation in my game that doesn’t have any known viruses in it? Though if someone made a plugin and made viruses in it, that person could just tell me “Heyyyy… I know of dis Amazing plugin that stops exploits, with absolutely positively no viruses!”:joy: So yeah I’ll also judge it myself, but I would really like to here what you guys think I should use. Also if you have any other tips on exploits that I would love to hear them!

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Plugins are for helping improve the development experience: expediting, automating, simplifying complicated processes, providing interfaces and utilities to work with certain game elements and more. They aren’t so much for stopping exploiting - that’s dependent on your game’s systems and the way you handle your codebase as well as any extra layers of security you might throw on top.

No recommendations because anti-exploit isn’t what plugins are for.


I personally don’t use plugins but you can look some up on #resources:community-resources made by trusted users and you will find some.