What sense can I give to my world?

What sense could it give to my world, when I started creating it, I just wanted to start using a little roblox studio and know how it worked, over time, I perfected certain aspects to make it a role-playing game, actually, I don’t think it goes very far, but I want to know what I could do?Just not to feel it was time wasted, a role play? Would it be repetitive?

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If you are gonna create a story, first start building a world or the Bible of the game. You’re gonna need to add some unique aspects and build up a world with locations. If you want to create a roleplaying game like an island with 4 bridges and stuff in between, don’t worry. It WILL get repetitive. But if you are able to add unique aspects to the roleplay, I’m sure you can make it.

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So should I think about unique aspects? my world is cartoon , which could go well with it?, create routes and places to visit, and that you can only travel in cars? places to take pictures with your friends?

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maybe some places to have adventures in like in a cartoon. possibly, put up some fantasy, like animals can speak, there are magical places etc.

edit: i think that will attract kids 5-9