What should be changed about my game?

Last year, I started development on my own take of the hit game, Tower of Hell

I’m making this post on what you all think should be changed about my game RToH to differentiate it from ToH.


Ray’s Tower of Heck Reborn

(Note: This is my very first post, I’m learning the basics on how to use the DevForum, so please reply if the post is going to the correct category, thanks)

the animations (walking, jumping, etc.) are a test and aren’t going to stay, I don’t have the time to remove them, rn

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Well firstly, hello and welcome to the forum! The GUI definitely looks great when you first join in. Another thing I notice right when I join is the music… There’s got to be better music than raining tacos in the roblox audio catalog. (Although, I am hearing different music now, atleast it’s not a loop lol.)


I found this under the map, if you want, you could just move it to the side so you don’t have to look at it, unless it’s intended of course.

Secondly, I would add some more forestry to the outside of the tower. There’s just a few trees but other then that there’s nothing else. If you’re going to keep the outside, I would definitely add things like bushes, fencing, paths, and maybe even a shop where you can buy the upgrades instead. (You keep the UI though.)

Overall though, it looks quite well made although I haven’t gotten to the end yet! You’re definitely a good builder and scripter. Glad I could be your first reply!

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Thank you for the kind words, I made the game with the help of m4rqy, he made most of the stages,

The outside area is a new update, there is also a free badge hidden out there (Epik)

I have also been adding way more badges also I’m trying to take advantage of the free badge creations.

Anyways Thanks!

(The green cube is the games mascot, if you touch the one on top of the leaderboard, you get another badge!)

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overall i like the game and you are a good builder and scripter. however to improve the game is not that unique so you should add extra features the others dosent have. an npc to race would be nice as the game as no players and the starting platform has weird writing on.

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Thanks for suggestion, it sounds good

With what you said about adding more unique things, I’m planning to add some more stages, maybe some more mutators and badges!

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Hey there! Welcome R4YRBLX!
I played your game for a few minutes, I think you did a good job making it, it looks aesthetically pleasing. As for feedback, here are a few suggestions:

  • Make it stand out. There are a lot of tower games and you might want to add a unique game mechanic or game mode to set it apart. You could add a solo mode so players could try to beat their own time?

  • Put premium benefits in the game description. I saw that you put it in the menu but it might be beneficial also to put it in the description. I’m not sure but I think this is how Roblox wants you to do it.

  • Increase tower height. Increasing the height might make it more challenging (unless shorter is what you are going for?).

Great job on the game! :smiley: -hfun6

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yeah just like he said there is too much in common with Tower of Hell, I would add a twist to your game, like for example you can make different rounds, (speed round, bomb round, etc)

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Hey again, I want to follow-up on my tips from earlier. I just noticed that after some time, you are kicked from the server for being idle for too long. I wouldn’t add that as you’re missing on some premium payouts that the player gives you. Also, it’s hard if something sudden pops up and you have to go afk for some time.

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Thanks Hfun6!
Those ideas seem awesome!

I’ll try my best to add some unique things!

Yeah, definitely! I think it will help the game reach a wider player base with Premium Players!

I’m thinking of doing some spin-off games to the RToH series, a game maybe with the same 5 stage tower but with a smaller amount of time, and in the main game I could possibly make the tower have about 7 stages per round!

I was thinking of an idea, where every time the timer reaches 0:00, the next tower would have an different amount of stages!

Anyways, Thanks for the ideas!

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Yeah, that’s seems interesting!

I’ll definitely try to get a working system, if I can!


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Hey again,

Yeah, I’m trying to remove it from the game but it’s a Roblox thing.

They have it in place to remove idol players, so they have more server slots!


Welcome to the forum!

Nice game! It’s very similar to Tower of Hell tho. Maybe make some unique features, so it stands out.

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Will Do, Thanks for post!

And thanks for the greeting,

In the outside area, I was thinking to add stuff like mini obbies, labelled ‘easy, medium, hard’ etc. so people can practise their skills!

Ah, that writing is supposed to be the stages names, I started naming them about 5 days ago and totally forgot about that’s mainly why a lot of them are called ‘Developer Home’

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