What should be my game name be?

so i have this cool parkour game that is NOT FINISHED AT ALL
anyways I need to come up with a name…any ideas?
try the game and see what name I should use
(also the control is shift to run, shift + space on wall = wallrun)
(I named it orange cause yeah…tell me what name you think is best for the game)

“Vector Parkour”? idk its your name and you should probably using name gene\ ig

Name it something unique, different from other games. If there’s already a big game with your game’s name, that could affect your game’s impression.

well the problem is that idk if i should make the name about the mechanic in the game or just do a random name like uh bobby

this reminds me of gru…lol i might use the parkour part

bobby obby

i totally didnt spend 30 minutes thinking :neutral_face:


haha yes good game name. very good ecks dee

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