What should I add for my second update? - Inquisitors

So I want to add new stuff for my second update for my game Inquisitors. I don’t want to add too many features though, since you usually don’t want to add a ton of features in one update.

I’m definitely adding more skills since that is good. Should I add monetization? Something new to buy?

  • Gamepasses
  • Dev Products
  • Something new to buy
  • Other

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If you pick Other/Something new to buy then message me specifying!

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“Other” other what? Be more specific

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Other as in a feature not on the poll.

Like: Rebirthing or something. (I don’t want to add that YET!)

I’ve moved this to Bulletin Board since it’s less development-focused and more focused on your game’s community.

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I ended up just adding dev products and game passes. Thank you guys!