What should I add? It looks bland

Hello! I was making a lab with my friend and I thought “Hey, this looks bland.”

Can someone give me ideas of what to add please?



Adding stuff on the walls, for example maybe some shelfs, paintings or a light design such as this one:

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The walls look very bland, add some pillar-like structures to it maybe, any sort of detail will help, here’s a quick mockup of what that might look like

Add 2-3 central pillars to support the roof, you can place stuff around those pillars, like potion stands or whatever. Make the floor look more interesting, make the areas where people usually walk darker, like paths for them, and areas closer to the wall a different color, something like this

Basically, just add detail wherever possible, keep stuff somewhat close or in areas where it would make sense for them to be. If after all this it still looks empty, maybe make the room smaller. Add plants, crates, whatever makes sense.

Good luck to you and your friend.


It’s gonna be a stud game, but I still want to add detail… Basically I’m a scientist with failed projects. I meant stuff that that and what you said.

You either make the room smaller, or add more stuff like test tubes, control panels, etc.

Maybe duplicate more desks, tubes, and add some more machines

You don’t have to make the room smaller, you do need to place sections in the lab for each task, for every task there is a room for that task, since it would be illogical if you do mix all of the lap equipment together. Make sure you make many equipment and decorations to fill up your space. Also add lighting and do more research into what fictional labs look like to get more idea.