What should I add to my builds?

I’m making a map for a game, it was a barn in the Plains, it looked very plain, and I am having trouble figuring out what I have to add, other than the main parts. I tried adding water, and it still looked pretty plain, so I thought, I should ask The Developer Forum about this, because I am not much of a builder, as much as a programmer. I have asked people on The Developer Forum before, to help me with details about my lobby that I was very glad I did, and they informed me very well.
Pics :


What should I add in the background? So I can make it more detailed, and more space to add some programmed objects. I was thinking of a castle, but I forgot. This was a Plains and most unlikely, will there will be one in Plains. So, every idea, I scrapped, because it was outdated, or not in the right place to be in.


You could add just about anything since there’s hardly anything here. Add the trees like you said you were, but also a wire fence? A tractor? A farmhouse? A couple silos? A few rocky hills? Just… google image search farmland or plains and start from there?

Surly you can think of more things on your own than just a barn and pond :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot this was supposed to be a Plains, so I just said something about trees :confused:

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Have you conducted any research thus far into what your ideal “plains” should look like? If not, do some research, take notes, and start putting pieces together until it’s something you feel suits your needs.

Creation rarely happens in a vacuum. Use reference images.


Sorry, I just don’t like the idea about trees being in plains :sweat_smile:

What about bushes? Maybe some meshes as farmland. Animals? Fences? I would at least add a few small trees. Also try using different Terrain Materials like ground and mud, etc. You could add a silo too. Paths/Roads using terrain for vehicles.

Anything related to farms would definitely improve the build overall. For example, a barn, a silo, a windmill etc…

Good luck!

Hay stack, trees on the outside, fences, a house. Look at farms to see what else you can add.

You could add some Silos, maybe a fence were cattle would be kept, a farm house, a few trees. Just really whatever you think is missing you should add and if it doesn’t looks right? You could always remove it.

the farm itself looks like the animated game I would like you to add a windmill and a wooden house with shed, etc. Good job

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Hi, I’d just like to say wonderful low poly farm building you made, but on reference to the plains, add some grass, bushes ferns, crops, trees, maybe a field with cows or other animals in it, maybe some fences, and maybe a few trees for detail! I hope all this helps and keep up the great work!