What Should I Add To My Game?

I was wondering what I should add to my beach tycoon. You can buy boats, cars, and expand you island. Of course, you can build you home. I also made it where you can hire a chief to make you money.

Here are some things I am wondering:

Should I add a shipwreck where you get money when you visit it?

Should I add a shop where you can buy special items(things to make you get bigger, make you faster, make you jump higher, ect)?

Should I add clothes where you buy them with in-game currency (it wont transfer into other games)?

Should I add weapons that you can buy?

If you have any ideas, please tell me. I will be very glad to hear them. If there is anything I should change, add, or delete from my game, please let me know.


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hi, your game looks awesome and definitely has potential!

I feel like a shipwreck or at least some “events” for more money or special edition items would make the game a whole lot more interesting, so maybe you could add it.

The shop one feels a bit generic to me, it sounds cool but thats basically making the game into an RPG with character stats.

Clothes would be cool, just don’t make them for robux, especially if they are special event clothes. I feel put off by a lot of games where you need to use robux for everything.

Weapons wouldn’t fit, I don’t think. But possibly you could use them to defend against pirates? Maybe ships that come to your island to try and attack, and when you defeat them, you get a shipwreck to loot.

Sounds like a cool game though, I hope you have fun developing it.

And about the name, it just seems like too much. I got confused by one of the pictures, saying “mega mansion tycoon” as well.

Ok. Thanks You so much! I will try to imporve it