What should i add to these corridors?

In my view, you have three options:

  1. Make the corridor more narrow. Right now, it’s so big… There’s not really a way to fill up all that space.
  2. Make it EXTREMELY detailed. I would do this by adding in plants, more colors on the walls and ceiling, make the floor have guidance lines and make every single component extremely detailed. If everything looks super realistic and has a varying level of toned down colors, you will still get the surreal look you are going for but also not make it feel so empty and synthetic.
  3. Do both one and two.

Personally, I would go with three. These corridors are just simply too big. I would also raise the ceiling a bit to match how large they are. This is a great example of a more detailed version of what you’re portraying:

There is a lot of detail put into the floor, walls, and ceiling, but it still has that creepy feel. You have your own style, but this is just a great example of how you can make the walls, floors, and ceiling more 3D by adding pipes, different types of lights, columns along the walls, and more bordering.


all this feedback is giving me an idea… thanks for the feedback tho

edit: ok i know EXACTLY what ill make.

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