What Should I Add?

I want to get my premium map ready, however I feel like i am missing something from the build.
I will add ambience (lighting, skybox, etc) but I want to know if i am missing anything build wise.



Looks great. However, when your hills meet the ground, it looks off. I suggest making the rendezvous be more subtle.

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Off… How? It’s the forcefield layer and it’s meant to be like that, It adds the “cartoony outline” to it,

I wouldn’t be able by normal roblox means to change it.

It is not the black outline. It is the rendezvous.

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As much as I would like to change it, I can’t, to my knowledge, Forcefields don’t have that option.

This is good I like it for me nothing is wrong But it look like the small mountain or the pink thing in middle look like 2-D so try make like long and realistic but its great I like It :smiley:


Thank you, That’s the picture however that is making it look 2d. In-game it looks 3d, Thanks again

I do not mind the force field/black outline. I think that when the flat terrain meets the hill, it looks really off. I suggest instead of having a flat brown part, have terrain so it looks more natural.

This looks great but i think you should use only lowpoly terrain or just roblox terrain a mix of both looks a little weird. That’s just my opinion Great Job!!!

I will give it a shot, however. I still expect to have the problem.

I will try it out as soon as i get the chance, Thank you for your opinion.

This is the actual best low-poly build I’ve ever seen! The color scheme is amazing and the landscape is built really well! The only few things that are off is the house that isn’t low-poly and the lack of clouds. The sky is wide open without much up there except for a skybox. I don’t think many clouds are needed, but a few would fill the sky nicely.

Thank you for your feedback,

When you say clouds, are you on about the actual Skybox or just adding objects that look like clouds?

I was thinking 3D objects but I think a skybox could work too.

It’s probably just me but I don’t like the color of the sky. The black outlines on the objects look pretty cool.

Hello, I saw your build, quite nice indeed.

I have a few suggestions and you should consider thinking about it. I’ll start off with, maybe add some particles like leaves falling down from the trees? Make birds flying around in the distance, add noises where the player(s) can actually “feel” like they are in the game itself.

Good luck.

Added the 3d objects and it looks good Thanks again :+1:


I didn’t get around to changing the skybox yet, takes awhile to find good ones.

I’ve added the leaves falling, however, the birds i’m not sure how i would go about that,
Noises are soon to come, I’ll try add them today.
Thank you for the ideas!

I guess that’s just the angle of the screenshot because in-game at player-level, the hills don’t look like blobs but thank you for the observation.

This looks great :+1: Looks like a map from TABS. The one thing you should add is low poly ground next to the mountain. Because the regular terrain looks like it doesn’t fit in. Overall amazing so far.

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