What should I do to improve scripting, and game development?

I’ve been learning LUA for a few weeks now, and I know the general basics, but for basically everything I code I have to watch a tutorial video. I was curious on how I could improve. I have tried to make a few projects but half way through I realized that I have no clue what to do. How could I learn, and advance? (P.S I’m not completely new to Roblox coding, I know how to do basics, such as Variables, Functions, And I’ve even made games where if you walk you gain more speed, and you can rebirth and gain 2X whatever rebirth amount you have)

Thanks for reading!

A lot of intermediate scripting is based around memorization and understanding of API reference. Sure, you can know what functions are and how to use them, but if you don’t remember basic methods like :GetChildren you’re going to run into a lot of road-blocks.

Try browsing the Developer Hub and wrapping your mind around different concepts you find there.

Some helpful pages:
Understanding CFrames
List of all services (Look at them here, search them up on the DevHub)

Edit: I didn’t mean to imply that you should go around and try to memorize every single thing on the DevHub, make sure to read @rapmilo’s post below—you can learn and subconciously memorize a lot just by practicing.


This is true, but I would like to express some caution in the way that you start learning from here. Using the API reference is a goto strategy to find any functions/events that are needed, but don’t feel pressed to memorize everything immediately. There are a lot of things that you will memorize with experience and others that you will frequently look up on the API reference even months into developing. The most important thing is that you learn the concepts behind anything you use, because that knowledge can easily be recycled without memorizing any concrete information


This is very helpful, Thank you!

When I first started learning Lua, I’ve always watched videos about how can I code something for my games as well. After a while, when I wanted to code something, I started remembering some functions from the videos that I watched. After that, I really wanted to improve myself on Lua, so I found about the Dev Hub and the forum. I started looking around Dev Hub and the Dev Forum whenever I had an issue about a code, or I just wanted to see what people are doing.
I’ve also read a couple of books about Lua and other programming languages and they helped me very much as well.

My suggestion is, If you don’t want to read books, you can watch some YouTubers that teaches about how to code(like functions, advanced scripting tutorials, methods, etc). Or you can do the same thing that I did, browse around the hub and the forums or create a post if you have an issue with a code, or if you just want to learn something or see what people are doing.

I’ll give this a shot! Thanks.