What should I improve?

Hello, developers!

So, I builded a cafe, and it look great, but I wanna see if anyone liked it or not. Please tell me what should I improve!

Here is the game: My Cafe - Roblox

The cafe sign is just kinda floating there.

There is a lot of missing walls, and stand alone buildings are uncommon to see, or I’m just living inside a city constantly.

By the looks of the flooring it seems like it’s 2 different colors which could be easily fixed. Work on the outside as well for it to be appealing. The cafe sign isn’t connected to anything. The windows can be changed to look nicer other than that it’s really nice.

I’d say, maybe have a front patteo area, and not use free model plants.

Yea. I should do that, but… I don’t know how to use blender so I can’t really make plants.

Is there any tutorial how to make a plant??

Giant coffee mug on roof?

Also. for the stars and the word “Cafe”

Copy the model and set it in the same position. Now make the copy black… and make it slightly bigger and move it slightly backwards… That gives a nice effect.