What should I learn To get into The Paid Market?

this is a question that i wanted to ask from the start of my 3 years-long scripting expirence

its a basic question, what should i learn or know next to start getting into the paid market
i want someone with some exprience in the paid market to answer me this question

what is the things that i should be good at,
how does it feel to work for someone that is going to pay you robux,
is there any standard limit for the paid robux that you will get?
any thing that could help me or anyone that wants to start making projects for robux or real life money in the Paid Market.

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Full transparency, I am mostly doing pro-bono work, but I have done commissioned work in the past.

When I first began doing work for monetary gain I undersold myself quite heavily tbh, which I to an extent regret. It was very valuable to me, and it made me learn a lot about the process and was ultimately kind of worth getting paid less for the experience I gained.

As time went on I slowly raised my asking price, based on how long I think the tasks would take. Ultimately, you should view this as something you are doing per hour more than anything. Having this viewpoint will allow you to decide if something is worth doing or not, as you will rarely have people using your full knowledge, and therefore rarely have people paying your full worth.

I’d recommend you to work yourself up from smaller jobs to bigger ones, consistently increasing your asking price. Not all customers are created equal, and it will be important to learn how to deal with all types. Many don’t even know what scripting really is, they just have a vague idea that you will have to refine into something actually scriptable.

I would also recommend doing many smaller projects, for example copying mechanics from games you’ve played and seeing if you are able to recreate them. This is really good for practicing your problem solving skills and in some cases organizational skills, depending on the scope of the project.

TL; DR: The less you ask for, the less they will ask from you. Begin with smaller jobs in order to pinpoint where you are skill-wise and then continually adjust your pricing accordingly.

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