What Should I Learn

Hey there! I am a beginner in Lua scripting and I just wanted to ask as a beginner what I should especially be learning/practicing.

Well, I am a beginner too, and I would say learn how to use variables, loops, functions, just all the basics. I myself am still trying to use functions, my point is that you have to put in the work if you know what I mean

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Also consider checking out AlvinBlox he has some tutorials on how to code here

Such as variables to functions to whatever!
I know he is a good teacher cause this is how a learned to code

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Not sure tutorial to script is will work

It will it does not teach you how to make a certain something it teaches you HOW to do it!
Like school when doing math they dont teach how to just you know do it they teach how to Understand it!
It worked for me and have learned so much from it so it probably will help!

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I was a beginner about 8 months ago myself, and my tip is to just start of trying out simple ideas to start to understand how scripting works!
Need to know how to make a part rotate? Google!
How do i make a part change color so it blinks every second? Google!

Thats how i made my first script, which was a rotating neon sign :stuck_out_tongue:
After a while it just became natural. I understood the language, and began writing my own scripts in no time!

I wish you luck!

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