What should I practice for basic scripting?

I am beyond scripting things like properties of a part, what should I try to script?

I am looking for ideas that go out of my level of expertise so I can work with what I know to find a possible solution.


Nothing too hard, yet not too simple.


It’s all up to how good you are. Say, you just finished a YouTube beginner series. What I would recommend is try to make a simple Obby minigame. To do this, all you have to know is some basic stuff. This includes CFrame, math.random, and a little more. If you’re a beginner, I would recommend to watch this playlist. I hope this helps!


I’ll look into it. Thanks for the idea!


What helped me get better was attempting to make games way out of my skill level. This may not work for everyone but, it helped me adapt and eventually got me to the needed skill level. Don’t overdo it though.


I recommend pcall. It would help your code prevent any errors in case one function hits an error.

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That’s a good thing to know, thanks.

Learn about Remote Events and Remote Functions too, its an important topic to know about.

You should try to script things within your ability or close but without traversing into some advanced topics. If you ever need help you have the dev forum and there are even discord servers that assist in scripting help.

My recommendations since no scripter on Roblox wouldn’t be aiming to make a game is to learn the following and utilizing the wiki for on:

  • Loops
  • If statements and comparators
  • Remote Events / Remote Functions (FilteringEnabled)
  • Datastore (or datastore2)
  • Roblox global functions like math, string, and table functions. For example, math.random, string.find, table.insert
  • UserInputService
  • ContextActionService
  • Raycasting
  • Players service and Player API
  • PCall functions (required for datastore)
  • Lot more

Tutorials can help now and dev forum resources as well once you get a little better.


Don’t practice, make something

If you have mastered basic scripting, I suggest rather than learning new stuff, you should apply your skills and make it stick to your memory. So, next time you script, you don’t need to look for tutorials and basically know the basics of scripting.

Yes, this is the idea: Make a functional game!

If you have those fundamental skills of Lua, you can start simple, like:

  • Random name generator
  • Leap year checker
  • Mad Libs game
  • Calculator
  • Your own mini version of Prison Life/Jailbreak
  • Other ideas you have

Yeah thedevking is really great! I’m gonna use his tutoials to learn some things that I didn’t understand like events, and his ui playlist seems interesting as well.

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what to practice scripting you ask?


I made one based entirely on strings, it’s a good start for string manipulation (unless you do it some other way).

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Personally as a scripter who can learn things quickly I started of a while loop part creator, it gets you familiar with Instance.new() and while loops.

Later you can learn for loops which are crucial in any game since that will save you lots of lines of code in few lines.

As another project you can get familiar how to change brick color or how to alter part properties.

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Pcalls aren’t a good way to prevent errors. You should only use them when relying on external calls (normally Http Requests). Otherwise, it’s just hiding the root problem.