What should I rename my game to?

I recently got a reply from @MarcusMTyrus saying:

The name of my game is Ghirardelli Factory Tycoon. So of course Ghirardelli makes chocolate, so I want the new name to at least have to do with chocolate and factories. Got any ideas?

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Chocolate Factory is a basic and good name.

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Hmm, I like to search the game name up before I do it. There are already lots of games with “Chocolate Factory” in it, so I’m probably not going to do that. Sorry!

Produce And Sell Chocolate! :slight_smile:

How about Bloxchocolate Incorporated?

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What about “Blox of Chocolate”? “Chocolate Blox”? or similar.

Hmm, you guys said “Blox”, so I thought of Chocoblox Factory Tycoon.

I kinda what Tycoon to also be in the name.