What should I use instead of RunService.Heartbeat?

This event is now deprecated, what should I use now?

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I believe you would use RunService.PostSimulation since Heartbeat runs after the physics simulation has been completed, so judging by the name alone, PostSimulation seems to be Heartbeat’s successor

I’ll try it out!

Edit: Doesn’t work:

Did any errors of sort pop up in console?

These new APIs might not yet be enabled. They were just released in the latest update and changes that are in release notes can take weeks to months to become active/usable. Best to keep trying this every so often until it’s enabled. There should be an announcement for a change this large when the change is finally enabled.


Considering they deprecated Heartbeat and RenderStepped I find this highly unlikely

Wouldn’t surprise me though given Robloxs record with making changes prematurely.

Yea, there’s definitely a chance that Roblox hasn’t yet sent out the new Events since OP’s coe wasn’t working despite it being the correct way to run an event. For now he should keep using Heartbeat till Roblox makes an official statement to when these Events can be used I suppose

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I just double checked and no, these are not enabled yet. They’re still behind a flag, OP’ll need to continue to use Heartbeat until Roblox enables them.

If there were no errors, then it’s definitely how me, @M9_Sigma and @FracturedSoftware mentioned, Roblox probably depreciated the events in advance but haven’t yet actually enabled the new Events. For now you’ll have to keep using Heartbeat till Roblox announces that the new Events are available to use

Honestly, Roblox is kind of stupid in this sense. Why would you mark them deprecated before you even enabled the new ones?

I’m not sure why it was done like that honestly, maybe they deprecated them earlier than intended, for now we’ll just have to wait and keep using the old methods till the new ones are enabled

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Heart beat is no longer depreciated so use heartbeat RunService | Roblox Creator Documentation

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Could you provide a source for this? I’m not seeing anything about Heartbeat being removed from deprication.

RunService.Heartbeat, Stepped, and RenderStepped weren’t suppose to be marked as “Deprecated” as the replacement events aren’t enabled. Technically, they are deprecated but they aren’t.

They have removed the replacement events completely AFAIK. So it’s fine to use heartbeat.

Maybe i’m wrong, but it’s not depracated for me somehow: