What should my Scripters script for my FPS Game?

Hey, I’m Tal, a Graphic Artist since 2017 and Mini Scripter since December 2019. I am currently working on an FPS game for my upcoming company, Saudade Studios.

I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with a list of things the Scripters I’ve hired should script. I have a few things I know should be scripted, but my mind has gone blank and I’m not sure what else they should be scripting. Here is what I have so far.

Your help is greatly appreciated,



Most important thing for an FPS game is security. If things are not scripted with security in mind then big oof. Especially with the swords and stuff cause people will be able to client bring others to their sword.
Other stuff are the details like when you are reloading and the gun already has a bullet to not do the same animation and stuff. Also DataStore to store cash/exp or whatever.