What style of gameplay should I choose?

Hello everyone, some of you may recognize me since I already have posted a question here before.
I am still pretty new developer and . . . . I need some help on deciding on which style of gameplay should I choose for my future project.

Game that I want to make in future is gonna be story game with 3 episodes, each one will have set amount of chapters / missions that player will go through learning the story and characters.

I have 2 type of gameplays in my mind and I need some help deciding on which one I should focus on:

  1. Piggy / Guesty style of gameplay:
  • Looking for keys
  • Running away from the bot / player
  1. Piggy / Guesty type of gameplay EXCEPT there is no player control of a monster but instead bots will be spawning in and attack
    the players.

Players do have access to weapons like melee and your typical firearms [ No machines / automatics except for a SMG ]

There are gonna be objectives that players need to do in order to escape but there also gonna be chapters where you just need to open exit door.

In short this second idea is basically Piggy with guns and wave of bots.

Most of you are pretty experience and know what will catch the attention of players and what will drive them away.

So which style of gameplay should I go with?

[ Sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is my second language ]

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There are so many piggy copies, it would be nice for the second option

Second option. There is some originality to the second one, and it honestly is giving more options to the player than just run. You are now giving the option to fight.

I recommend using the 2 option, it’s better than the first, in my opinions!

Well it seems that second option is gonna be happening, but I also wanted to hear your guys opinion on these two another ideas :

  1. Players will have only one gun assigned to them but they will be able to find other weapons to help them through out the chapters.

Example :

Episode 1 will have players use a handgun but somewhere like in chapter 5 they will be able to find a hunting rifle and use it through the chapter.

  1. Each chapter will have a main bot / player controlled bot which will have large amount of HP and basically will one shot the players like in normal piggy game, BUT players will be able to kill the bot and remove him for certain amount of time giving them a time to progress through out the chapter before the bot comes back.

Example : Main Bot dies and won’t come back for 40 to 60 seconds and the amount of bots spawning in will be reduced or slowed down until the bot comes back.

How about a piggy type game where you need to guide the anti-piggy towards the room with piggy so they fight to the death.

This could maybe work out as some kind of seperate mode for players to play while waiting for new chapter / episode to come out. I will think about it but yea thanks to everyone who gave their opinions.

It’s gonna be a LONG while before this game comes out but it will get released.

Have a good one folks