What to Expect for ONC Camp 2020

As the launch date for the ONC’s Fifth Event approaches, we’d like to take some time to share with you what you should expect from this event. In the list below, we have compiled some MAJOR bullet points of features you should expect as a result of this One Nooby Camp event!

  • NEW OFFICIAL ONC PLACE: As a result of ONC Camp 2020, a new Official ONC Place will be released. For those unaware, the term “Official ONC Place” refers to any ONC Place that is open throughout the year such as the ONC Meeting Grounds and ONC Headquarters. However, compared to the current Official ONC Places, the ONC Campgrounds will only open seasonally every year during the Summer. Even if there is a year without an “ONC Camp” event, the ONC Campgrounds will still open during the Summer for those who wish to visit the place and hangout.

  • DATASTORES: In comparison to ONC Egg Hunt 2020, this event’s predecessor, the ONC Camp 2020 Event will in fact include AUTOMATIC DATA STORING! This means that whenever you leave the game, your event progress will be saved! You will no longer need to worry about the Roblox client crashing causing you to lose your progress as was the case for the ONC Egg Hunt 2020!

  • SCAVENGER HUNT/RPG STYLE: The ONC Camp 2020 Event may seem familiar to those who played our ONC Egg hunt 2020 Event. That’s because we took some concepts and gameplay mechanics from that event and put them into the ONC Camp 2020 Event, but with some improvements. In the ONC Camp 2020 Event, you’ll roleplay as a Noobscout. Your goal is to complete the list of tasks that has been assigned to you by the camp director. Along the journey to completing these tasks, you’ll stumble into a :evergreen_tree:grand forest :evergreen_tree: , a :bridge_at_night:rotting bridge :bridge_at_night: , a :running_man:‍♂playground :running_man:‍♂ ,a :ocean:raging river :ocean: , and a cave flowing with :fire:scorching lava :fire: ! All of this will be wrapped in a series of intriguing and immersive dialog chats between you and Mr Jimmy, the camp director.

  • HANGOUT: The ONC Campgrounds will not only serve as an event game, but also as a hangout game. Within the ONC Campgrounds you’ll find many fun things to do such as going for a swim, shooting some basketballs, playing TicTacToe, playing Hide and Seek, or sliding down slides! The fun doesn’t have to end with just the event which is another thing that sets this even apart from its predecessors.

    as One Noob Can clearly see, the ONC Camp 2020 Event is like no other event previously held in the OOFING Noobs Club! With lots of things to do, the fun is sure to last! The ONC Campgrounds will release on July 1st 2020 at 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time! The ONC Camp 2020 Event will start on July 1st and end until July 31st. The ONC Campgrounds will officially close down on August 12 of 2020! We hope you’re ready fellow Noobscout! :wink: