What types of systems would you need the most in a roleplay group?

Hi! My name is Chris. I am hoping to start making my own large systems that are cheap and affordable for all groups. I want to make systems that most people wouldn’t have or need the most. Therefore, this post was born. I’d like to ask you, the community of Roblox, what system would you like/need the most ( in an roleplay game? )

I’ve added a poll for things I thought would be needed. feel free to reply with other options!

  • Gun License System
  • Shopping System
  • CAD System ( Computer Aided Dispatch )
  • Other

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A gun license system would involve a NPC who would give users a quiz to obtain a license to own a firearm legally. This could help any Civilian Roleplay groups.

A shopping system would include having users be able to click items and purchase them at a front desk, this would be used in instances for civilian roleplay groups.

A CAD system would be for police who would be able to dispatch calls or use a special radio just as if you were in real life.

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Closing the poll tomorrow! ( MM/DD/YY )

  • 10/09/19

The top 2 votes are both at 37%! Once one wins, the poll closes!

( In the case that nobody votes by the end of the night, it will be closed and I will go off a random generator. )

And the last vote is done! I will be working on the Gun Licensing System, if you’d like to test it in the near future, hit me up!