What version of Blender do I use?

Hello, I want to know what version of blender I should use do I use Blender 2.8 or Blender 2.9?


the latest version?


If you’re new to Blender, I suggest sticking with Blender 2.9. It will be easier to learn the updated program. There were quite a few changes made to Blender in the latest version that are very useful in 3D modeling & rendering too.

This is just my personal opinion, but people that still use 2.8 typically have a tough time with change since they’re so used to how Blender 2.8 is.


Stick to the latests blender versions all the time

I stick to the last eat version, I believe it’s 2.93. There’s some people who stick to older versions but I typically update to the latest version of blender.

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I personally recommend you use blender 2.9, it is the latest version and has more features, and bug fixes. :+1:


I use blender 2.79, but you should probably stick with whatever version that is the easiest for you to understand. There’s no major differences between all them them, tbh.


2.8 and 2.9 version have similar options ensure your completely new to alternative software; you can start with any version. I’ve started with the older version; Blender 2.79 to get comfortable with the tools and curve and then moved to the latest version 2.8

Blender has done a completely change regarding the tools and a more improved interface is way different. In the versions your wanting to choose I would start with Blender 2.8 first to get the ropes and comfortable with the workflow and tools.

A lot of changes that been made are the same in both versions it’s just they updated the UI and change the tools and move things around in certain areas. Whatever version you choose I would recommend learning and searching tutorials to get a hang of the tools and interface all it takes is just practice.