What was the feeling of one of the attendee in RDC?

I don’t know, because I’ve never experience it.
I wish I could go next year but I’m super far tho. From Philippines to USA.
It will cost me thousands of dollars.

What 'bout you?


It was pretty cool, I don’t really have many words to describe it. Amazing experience, was great for me.

Also, you don’t have to fly to the USA for RDC, I believe there is an RDC in Europe every year too.


Philippines are roughly 10.5 Mm away from RDC EU, and 11 Mm away from RDC US so I’d imagine the ticket prices would be pretty similar.


Words can’t describe the experience. It was truly amazing.

I also believe that there were people from the Philippines that attended RDC. One of them even won the raffle’s grand prize which is a fully covered trip to RDC 2020.


The feeling was a rush. Back to back things to do the entire weekend. Many passionate people excitedly sharing moments together. Lots a good memories. And it’s possible you can leave with friends from around the world (if you haven’t already made some on here).

If you can somehow minimize the cost of traveling, start saving way in advance, and strive to go with maximum effort, then you can make it happen. It’s best experienced when you are physically and mentally in the moment, and it seems to be getting better and better each year.


Seems like for me in Australia, ticket prices for europe is more expensive then America though by like $500 or more though.


As for the thousands of dollars, I replied in a similar thread to that, but anyways -
I’m hoping to go to it one of these years. As for the plane ticket I’ll be able to afford it but the expenses that come along with going there might be a bit costly. So I’ll have to resort to a cut budget.

From what I’ve heard from my friends which went there, the experience was great and it’s definitely something you should experience as a developer on the platform. It’s something enjoyable as you get to communicate with the community in new ways aside from online texting and such.