What would be a cool level design?

So, I wanna try learn how to build better in roblox. It’s definitely challenging work. I’ve tried building before, but all came out looking like someone hit it with a hot shovel then a bus, stuck it in the microwave and dumped it inside of a rubbish compressor. I’m wondering, what is a nice level design with twists and turns, with only concrete walls adorning the halls, with frequent rooms. I’d like it to be small. If anyone can help, that’d be appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance!

Depends on the genre of your game. Since I’m assuming your going for a fps map, here are my tips:

  • Multiple height ranges is important. It makes it so more Play Styles are viable (snipers, rocket launchers, etc). I suggest making 2-3 floors.

  • Try to stay away from 3 lane maps. This is a common mistake that maps have. 3 lane maps are really overdone making them generic. If your going for a map that you want high replayability then avoid 3 lane maps. Instead go for more complex maps, I suggest looking at phantom forces, they have some pretty good map design.

  • Props are key. What do I mean by this? Props can make your map fit the theme more. Focus on making players use their surroundings to their advantage with props. Maybe make explosive barrels, lights that can be shot out to dim the light, movable props, etc.

  • This is more of a minor one but still… add easter eggs. This gives players an incentive to explore the map and give a bit more life to the game.

  • Lastly, Graphics is the second most important thing alongside the actual design. Nobody will want to play a map that looks like its from a microwave, even if the map design is good. Make sure to be careful with your graphics. I suggest using custom materials a lot, learning how to use lighting a bit and make sure everything fits with the theme your going.

Building on the platform can be difficult however when I started I was absolutely terrible however I kept working hard, I then learned about plugins and how they make building so much easier. For a starter like yourself I would watch YouTube videos for building starters, most videos like that will go over basic standards for building and what you need to start progressing more.

A few things:

  • Don’t ever get under to much pressure and crack and just quit building because of one mistake, your gonna make mistakes and that’s the part of building.

  • Get a few plugins such as; GapFill, ResizeAlign, ModelFlip. These all make building much easier once you get the hang of using them.

  • When progressing in building on ROBLOX you have to be original and come up with unique builds that represent you and that you find interesting, copying ideas and such make your career as a builder go down.

  • When progressing and getting better you will get flooded with many commissions depending on your quality of work. When getting commissions you have to be strict about how many you take, I had to learn the hard way unfortunately by accepting 3 building commissions at once and was beyond stressed. Pretty much just take it slow one at a time.

I hope this helps you with your career in building on ROBLOX!

Happy Building!