What would be funny and fun (For Flamingo)

There is not really a problem here, but there is. So, I would like to make a game that is really funny, but also has a good concept. Basically, something funny but not stupid. Do you guys have any ideas? I am trying to make something for Flamingo.

If this is in the wrong category, please tell me, Zombo


flamingo doesn’t find things just like that. he likes horror, and new concepts.

you need to run catchy ads (that he might see), have a playerbase of like 30 people averaging, too. or else NO ONE will find you.

so yea

i mean you could also ask him to play your game (thru twitter) but he would probably ask bobux for it or something idk


I am making it FOR Flamingo. Its not just some fan game to get attention…I need it to be a funny, new, cool game but I’m out of ideas.


so like, you don’t care if flamingo sees it or not?

one word horror games make something disturbing some thing scary but original maybe even add some flamingo Easter eggs so his fans would be like look it flamingo and his fans will hopefully get his attention hope this helps

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I don’t think animals play Roblox, I could be wrong tho


He meant Flamingo as in the Roblox youtuber.

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Destruction, silly games, absurd stuff/memes, or something new and interesting.

If it’s something that’s about Flamingo himself, the game’s theme will still have that silliness to it. Like the stupid type of funny. So, it’s inevitable that it’d be stupid. And with that said, the whole game itself becomes cliche because it may use (or uses, if you decide on an idea) jokes from his community that have been milked enough. Don’t try making a game that has concepts which have been done before - which is where I’m assuming you’re having a problem.

Your game can’t entirely aim to only serve the purpose of having a youtuber play it. Think about a playerbase you can make before and after a youtuber plays it. Before a youtuber finds it and supposedly boosts your playerbase however, you’d have to make advertisements that will grab the attention of not just players but Flamingo as well, so you also will have to push quite an amount of funds over a great period of time to get him to see it. We cannot guess when he will be online. If that does not work, you’d probably have to ask him via Twitter to play it like @IceTheOneAndOnly mentioned if advertisements don’t pay off. The game would have to be pretty high quality, or at least with effort, to get him to play it; remember, you’re trying to get a youtuber with around 9 million subscribers that makes well over a million views per video.

Look at what videos he has made now, and think what is the overall genre. I believe there is really… not a specific genre that he plays but like what videos has he accumulated the most views on before? Find those and base your game off of that games theme: whether it be horror or comedy (wouldn’t do comedy however since its been milked enough for flamingo’s content) or building or roleplay.

And your forum trolling on this thread can stop here. Thanks :sunglasses:


I think it would be cool if you made a survival game. Nobody remembers the survival game that Flamingo played(It was Beginnings 2 by the way, huge RIP to it) but it only didn’t work out because the game itself died. The game had a MASSIVE popularity boost for a month or so, but of course, if a game never gets updated it will never work out.

I love your comment. Very deep and understandable. You bring up some good points. I will definitely use this reasoning in the development of the game. Thanks.

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Am I? I have seen others asking for game ideas. Should I delete the post or…

He was talking about @AWhale_OfATime

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Oh…embaressing…lol. Sorry.

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Well, what does flamingo play?

Dude… was that whoosh? momento?


Wow, its crazy how people troll on interesting posts.

Please don’t troll lol.

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You shouldn’t ask for game concepts on the devforum because someone is going to snatch the idea up and make the game before you can and then you won’t have the original game.

Spend a few hours thinking and it will come to you.

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