What would be the best way to advertise my game?

So in a fiew months I’ll be publishing my game and I want to advertise it, i only have 700 robux. What would be the best option : advertise it or sponsor it ?
And would i pay 100 robux for a week or 700 robux in one day ?

I really have no experience with advertising, any help will be greatly appreciated

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I don’t have experience either, but I heard that roblox advertising isn’t really worth it, especially with such little robux.

The best way to advertise your game is to make short clips on youtube / tiktok of its gameplay, to slowly build a hyped fanbase.

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unfortunately the advertising system just changed a few days ago, so you may have some issues spending 700 robux on ads (i havent looked into it fully myself but i believe you need a minimum amount of robux to deposit into “ad credits” now), but let’s assume you’re able to in a few months.

i personally would highly recommend sponsoring to mobile devices and/or xbox, depending on your compatibility with those devices. you’ll gain the largest playerbase as the cpp (cost per play) is generally the lowest with those devices from my experience. if you only have 700 robux though you might not get much results unless if ur game is amazing, and i personally wouldn’t spend it all if it’s all you have.

otherwise, as the last guy said, shorts and tiktoks are a nice and free way to promote ur game and probably your best bet unless if you end up getting some more robux

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