What would be the budget for a front page sim?

Stuff like Adopt Me, Pet Sim X, etc. What would even be the budget? I would like to know the budget for each position, ideally builder, scripter, modeler, UI artist, composer, and animator.

Here’s a situation: I raise 100k robux via sales. What amount would I get, with paying my team?

Currently plan to spend 20k on dev team and 10k on advertisements.


Adopt me (at least for the programming roles I saw) pays on the higher end of 5-figure salaries. Anywhere between 50-80k USD/year I believe. Last time I checked was awhile ago though, so it could’ve changed.

Imo, I don’t think R$20,000 is enough to get an entire team out of. For reference, I only had 20k to put into my first game and because of that amount, me and another developer (qoaza) ended up having to do everything ourselves. Ended up spending $20 on an icon, R$0 on assets, R$20,000 into sponsors.

This also depends on the quality you’re trying to bring to the game. In terms of a front page quality, 20k most likely will not even be enough for someone to build you a map.

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I’ve been making a game with a similar budget called Ball Stars, from comparing my budget to the quantity that a friend of mine has, 20k advertising is not a lot if you have a certain perspective.

I’ve advertised for 5k total recently, I’ll even let you see the results:


These ads did very poorly, but even with 1% CTR I would not have made a return because my return was close to 0. This is why I’m glad I only put in 5k initially because I had to test the foundation of my game and the average results of my ads.

You could argue I could’ve put more into the ads or that it’s just my game, though with the sheer amount of failure you’ll encounter on YouTube, Devforum, Discord and other places, this argument seems less true.

I’ve gradually lost faith in advertising and sponsorships as neither are the sole way to go if you seek your game to be well known in the long run, they are best complimented with another method of where and how your advertise (e.g TikTok and Roblox), though who ever knows someone might get lucky and I’m wrong?

Overall, if you still plan on committing to ads or ads alone, you’ll need a lot more than 20k for advertising, I hope this was helpful :slight_smile:

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It depends on the amount of people you have on your team and how much they all want to get paid for.

I know someone, who spent like 200k robux on ads/sponsors, had 100 players for some days, then it went back to like 50 and now a few months later, it has 5 players. You will need a lot of money or a lot of luck to get on the front page.

Woah you have 100 ctr in one of your ads and that’s extremely incredible.