What would you do with MemoryStore queueing?

My gut instinct is that the best way of managing a MemoryStore queue across servers, is having a ‘MasterServer’ which checks the queue, gets it and publishes it across the servers, because if I’m right, if each server is calling ReadAsync on the Queue, it will cause issues with the invisibility timeout, and be messy.

So I might be wrong, but is the best way of doing it -
Master Server -
Checks the queue, when the queue hits the amount of players, it sends a message across all servers with the queue in a table, and a reserved server, and each server sends the player in the queue into the reserved server, then repeat.

If MasterServer closes, datastore which holds the masterserver changes to nil, and then a new masterserver is selected.

And again, repeats.

If anyone has any better way of doing this I’d love to hear it!

Thank you :slight_smile: