What you guys thinking about "Choose role/team" GUI in my game

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What u guys thinking about this GUI?

If you have something that i can improve, type it under my topic!

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

the left image looks out of place with the blur
also this should go in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support


you are right, will delete that blur, also i moved my topic to #help-and-feedback:art-design-support

Thanks for your time!

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It seems okay, but a few things!

  1. Make the “Choose your role!” larger! It’s the main title of the frame!
  2. Remove the awkward borders, as I say, you either go big or go home with borders. You should either set it to 0, or make it much larger, as having it be 1 kinda feels weird
  3. Round off some of the edges using plugins, or if that’s not your style then give it an interesting frame
  4. Currently, the customer looks like they’re getting flinged or the camera was spinning around too long :flushed: , might wanna fix that

Honest opinion, looks nice. I would make the outline of the boxes look a bit bolder, curve them a bit, and work on the first image because the blur doesn’t really fit

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Thanks for this opinion!
I will work on it!