What's a good thumb up ratio? How does one create games that get thumbed up this much?


Basically any of his/her places. Specifically:

And where would one potentially report users thumb up spamming places?

I’d say a good thumbs up ratio is around 70%, based on the games i’ve seen.

Those games made by the user you mentioned were like botted. Basically, people can buy bots through a service and dramatically increase or decrease a game’s likes/dislikes.

Check out those ratios:
SAVE SPIDERMAN!: 7435 Likes to 13 Dislikes, created today
SURVIVE NUKE!: 5907 Likes to 83 Dislikes, created today

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For me i would say a good thumbs up ratio is 80% or up. Depends on how much likes and dislikes tho.

If it’s 3 likes to 1 dislike it’s not really can be determined of ratio.
If it’s over 1000 likes and over 1000 dislikes it can be determined.