Whats a good way, or a way to texture/color this

im new to blender and where do i go to give this color/texture for roblox, is there more than one places to go and do that, or is there one way.

I dont mean to sound rude but please dont send a link of a yt video, i never seem to understand most of them, im just looking for a straight forward answer from a person who knows theyre saying it me.

Thank you for your help, have a good day


Hey there!

That axe is nice! I think the default axe look would look the best.

What I mean by Default Axe Look:

  • For the HANDLE/GRIP:

    • I would try wooden and brown.
  • For the TOP:

    • I would try making it made of some sort of shiny, silver steel.

I’m not really good at designing, but from what I’ve seen elsewhere, I think it would be nice.

oh, im sorry if u got confused, i meant like, where do i go to color it, what do i do, but I will take that into count :slight_smile:

If you’re planning to use it for Roblox, you have to UV unwrap it and texture it in photoshop.

sorry, I dont have photoshop

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You can use any program to texture it, but the important part it knowing how to UV unwrap.