What's a safe amount of water?


I’m trying to generate some water to create an ocean theme around an island I made.

Here’s the biggest possible amount, however it causes great lag when I try to play with it. What amount would you recommend for a maximum amount, but have it still look good?

Are you making the water a physical feature? Can players interact with it or is it just for appearances?
I have one game with water that I just used enough Terrain water so that players can see it for a distance & could swim around the island, but there’s nothing beyond that so I added a large Concrete Part (CanCollide off) with a Blockmesh in it and set the Scale of the BlockMesh to something like 1000,1,1000 and matched the colour to the Water with the lighting provided. This makes it appear that the water carries on past the players field of view.


It’s just for decoration, it shouldn’t be interact-able.

How large should the water itself be? 1000x1000?

I think I made mine 2048x2048 (max Part size) and centered it with the island so with the Mesh in it you can’t see the edge of it.