What's in the Goodie Bag this Year?

Hey! Since my pervious post last RDC. I want to ask you what do you think will be in this years goodie bag. Last year we had some great guesses so why not continue the discussion and let’s try to guess what in the bag!

SO… What’s in the Bag?

Let the discussion begin!


We’re getting a goodie bag? :open_mouth:

Yea! Last year we got stickers, a water bottle, notebooks, and a few other goodies!

Things that’ll definitely be included:
-Microfiber cleaning cloth
Things that would be cool:
Also, I’m hoping the bag is a bit bigger this year. It couldn’t fit 17" laptops very well.

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  • drawstring bag itself
  • notebook
  • mug
  • Bloxy Cola
  • wireless charging pad
  • beanie
  • RDC 2019 sticker
  • Roblox Dev patch