What's missing low poly experts?

can’t put a pin on it, anything I can add here to make this build better? Modelled on blender

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Although I’m not a builder, I think it looks great!

But why does the building look like its floating? Or is that intentional?

Hi, thank you!

So far It’s just a rough build and I haven’t completed the terrain yet👍

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Not a poly expert but just a some feedback
“POTION IT!” that makes no sense.
image whats that?
image does not look good at all.
image I am positive that clouds dont have a shadow like that
image whats that?

other then these things everything looks brilliant

Unused asset don’t worry about that.

Ok then how can he improve it? Just saying it looks bad doesn’t help him fix it at all.

But they do? It’s just not as pronounced in real life since they are made of water vapor and tiny water particles each of which scatter and block some light rays while allowing others to pass though. You could just disable the CastShadow property on the part tab to get rid of it.

Giant glowing potion bottle for decoration.


thank you for the feedback. fixed the top part as it looked a little strange