Whats the best way to learn the roblox particle system?

Hi there I’m SocialBerry. So recently I’ve been trying to learn the roblox particle system and so far I’ve only found one good tutorial By Undone University. So If you don’t mind sharing tips advice or tutorials. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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This is a rather simple question there isn’t a best way or wrong way to learn. I would say there are different factors and terms off learning how to make different particles or advanced particles. When i started to make particles i also used “youtube videos” only one and from there you learn things yourself.

If you’re a beginner wanting to learn the particle system just experiment and use inspiration from developers that create particles basically you do some research on your own. There’s also threads on the forum that are outdated that you could take and go from there.

YouTube doesn’t really teach you how to make particles, since there isn’t a lot out there depending if it includes scripting if you’re wanting to do that I normally just use particle creations that are created in 3D software and see if I can replicate it and if you use videos take that and just experiment and see what you can make.

I just look and view particle effects that are created in software or online including (unity, blender, twitter ect) i’ll say you wont get it perfectly on your first try but it’ll take time to learn the process depending on which particles your wanting to make visual effects scripting particles and more.

It’s pretty hard and simple at the beginner but if you keep learning and if you strive to learn the process you’ll get it in no time yes it takes time including myself. Using developers creations or images for inspiration is a good way to improve this is actually how i learned:

Everyone has different choices and selections so to each it’s own.