What's the best way to make a scoring system for tag game?

Summary : I made a game in which you have to throw some ball in order to change your opponet team to your team. And the goal of the game is to make there only one team left.

In a nutshell pic :

However, the problem rise after i thought to myself. “If the purpose of the match is just to make one team left in a game. Won’t the player just let themself be ‘tagged’ and finish the rest of the match? Which make the game un-interesting?”. So i want to find out what is the best way to make the player don’t let themself be ‘tagged’, even if they are in the minority team.

Here’s are the poll. What is your opinion?
Description :
#1. Casual point-per-hit scoring. The one who’s win in the game result is the one who get the most point, not the last-standing team.
#2. Surviving point. When there’s only one team left (The game is done). The game will list up the most-long survivor. From the first to the ‘just-got-hit and the game end’ player.

– Run out of idea, might add more soon –

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