What's the best way to update UI information across all clients?

Let’s say I want to click on a button which changes the text inside of a TextLabel, this works like a charm but only for the player who clicked on the TextButton when the goal is to make it change for every player in the server, and it also shows the changed text on the TextLabel if a new player joins. There are multiple ways to go about this which is to fire a RemoteEvent to the server which in turn fires all the clients and the client receives the signal and changes the text to its desired target. But this wouldn’t apply for any new players that join the game, how do I make it so it does and what’s the best way for it?

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get the current text that all players have and when a new player joins just set their text to that


You would have to make a global variable for what name is currently being displayed. Then, run an initiate function when a player joins the game and set their UI to match the global variable. The variable can be stored to ReplicatedStorage for permissions.

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