What's the biggest cause of lag on xbox?

We recently launched Counter Blox on Xbox, it works and runs great!

We also just launched our update to arsenal, https://www.roblox.com/games/286090429/Arsenal-MEGA-UPDATE the game performs the same if not better than CB on PC. But it lags like CRAZY on xbox.

What could be causing huge frame dips, or whats different in the hardware that would cause Arsenal to lag more.

My initial suspicions is Particle Effects, nothing really to base it off of, but before I go in depth and try to figure it out, what are some things I should keep in mind?

I’m also prepared to get told “just fix ur lag l0l” but I feel like there’s a different problem here, if I’m wrong, let me know


I think I found the problem but any other feedback would be nice. (It was ragdolls, temp fix just making ragdolls disabled on consoles)

The biggest cause of lag is caused my setting multiple CFrame parts at once, on a loop.

For some reason, Roblox on XBOX can’t handle this. They should look into reworking their engine.