What's the BlastRadius I need to blow up just one Character?

I want the BlastRadius to be enough for just one Normal Sized Character, how much BlastRadius do I need?

If there’s a player standing in the same position or right next to the victim they would be effected too, I’m fine with that but I want the BlastRadius to be as small as possible and still Blast every part inside a Character.

Any welded object within the blast radius with be destroyed, including humanoid character welds. So if either character’s head or torso is within that radius, they’ll be destroyed.

If you want to reliably destroy characters within a radius, I suggest using an Explosion’s “Hit” event.

I believe the hit event tells you which part the explosion hit, as well as any humanoid connected to that part, but I can’t look that up right now, so I suggest you lookup Explosions on the develop hub.

I did look up Explosions on the develop hub.

I am aware that I can use the Hit Event but I don’t want to do the Math and I am relying on the BlastPressure for the Blast effect.


Hit detection only casts as far as the BlastRadius (BR)

By the way I’ve just remembered something explosions.
They have a neat property called “DestroyJointRadiusPercent” (DJRP) which determines the ‘deadly’ or joint-destroying distance of blast-radius - its a percentage between 0 and 1.

So if you have a BR of 16 studs, and DJRP of 0.5, within 8 studs a character can be killed.

But anyway, to get back on your point, I need a little more information in order to understand what you’re trying to accomplish, for example, who is the ‘victim’? How close can a character stand next to the victim? Do you want to limit the explosion to only destroying one character at a time? Etc.

If you just want to destroy the victim, you could place the centre of the blast at the victim’s position, and set the DJRP to a small percentage - it will reliably destroy the victim and only knock back the other player (depending on your Blast radius and pressure of course).

Can you not just create an artificial explosion? Nowadays, the explosion object is used more for visual effects over actually using the explosion properties to destroy (though this isn’t to say people still don’t use explosions for what they are intended for). You’d have more creative freedom with a custom one anyway.

Apart from this, I don’t know any reliable solution to only have explosions blow up one character. Regardless of how you set up explosion properties, you can’t whitelist parts to be destroyed. Anything in range will be flung or have its joints destroyed.

Exactly that, Thank you. I found out that a BlastRadius of 3 and DestroyJointRadiusPercent of .5 is alright in this case, you put the Explosions’s Position that the Victim’s HumanoidRootPart

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